Funky Door Forever!

❤️ To Our Beloved Funky Door Community ❤️


First, the news you have all been waiting so long to hear – Funky Door Berkeley is reopening!  We know how much you have been craving that wonderful Funky Door hot yoga.  At last – to get back in that sweaty room, pulling and twisting with all your fellow yogis!

But the news doesn’t stop there. Funky Door will be opening under new ownership.  Yes, after 15 years of living and breathing Funky Door, we are passing the baton on.

Or rather, we should say, passing the baton back!  Funky Door Berkeley was opened in 2002 by Lynn Whitlow and Jeff Renfro.  We bought the studio from them in 2006.  And now, they have bought the studio back from us.  Wow.  Talk about karma coming full circle!

Many of you know that we had been looking for someone to take over the studio since before the pandemic.  When Lynn and Jeff expressed serious interest recently, we knew it was right.  There is no one better to continue the traditions and high standards of teaching at Funky Door.  After all, they are the ones that started it!  Lynn, for those who don’t know of her, has been a central and respected figure in the Bikram and hot yoga world for literally decades.

Please welcome Lynn and Jeff back with open arms and hearts and give them all the support possible as they take over the difficult task of running a world-class yoga studio in these still challenging times.

For us, Funky Door has been a labor of pure love.  It started with an intense love of the yoga and deep belief in its healing powers.  And from that we came to know an amazing community of yogis – wonderful devoted students from all walks of life, amazing teachers who give so much of themselves in each and every class, and dedicated staff who have made Funky Door one of the friendliest, cleanest, and best run studios in the world.  We love you all.  We will miss seeing you on a daily basis.  But we are not gone – you will see us around Berkeley for sure, and, from time to time, you might see us in the studio.  Don’t be a stranger!

We hope we have made Funky Door Berkeley stronger during our 15 year run.  And we hope we have contributed in some small way to each of your individual journeys.  We are eternally grateful for all the love and support you’ve always shown us.  It has been our honor and our pleasure to be of service to the community.

With deep love and gratitude,
❤️ Karima and David ❤️