Owner Profile

Karima Wilner

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Karima is our fearless leader. She is the owner and director of Funky Door Berkeley. She has been a certified yoga teacher for over 16 years. And she practices almost every single day.

Karima is from France so she brings that certain “Je ne sais quoi” to Funky Door. She started practicing and teaching in the first “26 and 2” hot yoga studio in Paris in 2003 and has been passionate about the power of yoga ever since.

She sees yoga as a unifying thread in her life as it touches on all aspects of life. What other pursuit has so much power to improve our physical health, emotional balance, mental strength, spiritual understanding, and connection to community?

Karima has studied yoga extensively in all its aspects – from anatomy and physiology, to the practice of meditation, to the Hindu yogic traditions and systems of psychology and spirituality. She has studied with yoga leaders and experts all over the world, including training with Bikram, Rajashree, Emmy Cleaves, Craig Villani, Paul Grilley, Ray Long, Tom Myers, Leslie Kaminoff, Amy Matthews, Gil Hedley, Sarah Powers and others.

Karima loves bringing all that the “26 and 2” Hot Yoga has to offer, and all that she has learned and continues to learn, to Funky Door in Berkeley. She is completely devoted to the community in Berkeley. Her dream and daily quest is to get everyone to experience the benefits of the yoga she loves so much.